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Drawing Ideas

The ultimate source for drawing & creative inspiration.
There are 1325 ideas for you to draw! was created because I was looking for more things to draw in my sketchbook. At my current drawing skill level, I need a reference image to draw just about everything. When DALL·E became available, it produced the most stunning images and I had so much fun playing with it. TOO much fun. It was hard to stop.

I’d been learning to draw the anatomy of the face for portraits and completed a handful of ‘draw with me’ tutorials on YouTube. I could draw the lines if I could see the lines, but I was having trouble with real photo references. I wondered if the AI art generator could create a pencil sketch of a portrait for me to draw. It did a great job! and I had a ton of fun drawing it! Success.

So I kept feeding it ideas of things that I wanted to draw. The result was so good and so plentiful I didn’t want to keep them all to myself. So I decided to share them with you.

Feel free to use these AI renditions to draw your own art. Get ideas from them, trace them exactly in effort to learn to draw, you can even draw or paint them exactly and sell your work. 


Adorable Butterfly And Bee Sketchbook Idea

Peek inside my virtual sketchbook and see all of these amazing butterfly drawings you can use as inspiration for your own artwork. Pick a butterfly and draw away.

Drawing Ideas Of Flowers In Pots

Flowers are always the perfect thing to draw. There are so SO many different types of flowers, each and every one beautiful. And so many ideas to draw here.

Three Birds Drawing Idea

Birds can be one of the happiest things to draw. They can be simple making them easy for beginners. They are dynamic and always moving, and they sing! Pick one to sing with.

Amazing Drawing of A cat in A Sketchbook

You love cats. I love cats. Everybody loves cats. And we love to draw them too. Here are dozens of the most adorable cats for you to draw in your sketchbook. Take a Look.

Boy Giving His Dog a Kiss Idea to Draw

Man’s best friend makes the best drawing subject… and gee, are these subjects cute. Pick just one, or pick them all and try your hand at drawing your favorites.

Beautiful Drawing Of A House Along The Water

If you think back to your earliest drawing experiences, you drew your house, didn’t ya? Houses are so much fun to draw because they’re simple and you can get creative!

Neighborhood Hearts To Draw

Show your love for a friend, family, or just for heart, with these great heart drawing ideas. Hearts can be simple or they can be complex. Find the perfect heart and give it your all.

Sweet Hummingbird Drawing Idea

Hummingbirds, oh my gosh, the best right? But when they show up, they don’t stay long, so it’s hard to get a good look. Heres a bunch that will stay still long enough for you to draw.

Fish Find House Sketchbook Drawing Idea

There’s a whole world to explore under the sea. Its fascinating, wonderful, and sometimes a little creepy. Get some great ideas for your art from these fish drawings.

Rabbit Illustration Drawing Idea

They’re so CUTE it’s hard to get over. Bunnies make the most super adorbs art subject. Floppy ears, fluffy, even creepy cute. There are so many ideas for your sketchbook.

Cubist Eye Drawing Idea

Eyes are such a common drawing subject, and why is it always the right eye we gravitate toward (their left)? Well, whichever is your favorite eye, there are lots of ideas here to choose from.

A Gorgeous Sketchbook Sunset Idea

A sunset is a great introductory drawing idea for a beginner because organic shapes are very forgiving and you can get as creative as you want to. Give any one of these sunset art examples a try.

An Easy Colorful Landscape Drawing Idea

Create new worlds with your talent and artistic skill. Landscapes are a great way to start because there’s a vast variety and you can use your imagination to invent just about anything. Here are some ideas.

An Adorable Sun Drawing Idea

The sun is such a happy subject to draw. Like your days shiny and bright? Pick a few of these sun drawings and start your day just right.

Beautiful Moon Over Town Drawing Idea

We have the sun, its definitely time for the moon. Even more cute, celestially grand masterpieces designed for you to enhance your drawing skills. 

A Sketchbook Drawing Of Rainbow And Flowers

Rainbows may be one of the very very first things we draw as children. What a great way to look at every single color in one place. Put that color on paper, get some great ideas here.

Cute Turtle And Butterfly Sketchbook Idea

Turtles might be one of the cutest little animal characters to draw. What they lack in speed they make up for in personality. You’ll never run out of art ideas for turtles again.

Beautiful Clouds And Houses Drawing Idea

Clouds are fun to draw because they can be so easy. Outline some white circles and swirls and there you have clouds. If you need a little more help, here are some great ideas.

An Adorable Doodle Person Sketchbook Drawing Idea

Doodles are a super popular drawing style, and rightly so. They’re quick and simplistic and freeing! Anything goes. Its no wonder they’re quite addictive. Here are some doodle art ideas to get you going.

Adorable Forest Sketchbook Idea

The forest is one of my favorite places, especially to draw. It could be creepy, it could be enchanting, it could be breathtaking. Connect with nature by drawing it.

Beautiful Watercolor Mushroom Sketchbook Idea

Mushrooms are beautiful, unique, and a little bizarre. Their growing conditions make them a rare find and their organic shape makes them an excellent drawing subject. Try some of these ideas.

Beautiful Monster Sketchbook Idea

Everyone loves to draw monsters. They can be so stinking cute! And there’s no limit on your creativity. One eye or twenty eyes. 3 Arms. Anything goes. Get your creativity started here.

Beautiful Drawing Idea Of A Sweet Alien

Unique, creative, and out of this world! Aliens are surely fun to draw. Because were not sure of the exact details, shape and size can be loosely defined and still believable. Try some of these alien drawing ideas

Beautiful Hot Air Balloon Over The Mountains To Draw

Your creativity will soar up, up, and away, high into the clouds, looking down at the beauty and majesty of your own beautiful piece of art. Hot Air Balloons are fun! SO much fun. Give these a try.

A Dramatic Watercolor Anime Painting Idea

Anime is such a fun and popular subject to draw. The characters are cute, funny, interesting, dramatic, sometimes heroes, sometimes villains, and oh-so creative. Check her for some great ideas to draw. 

A Simple Polar Bear Sketchbook Idea

They’re so cute and make the very best cartoon characters. Polar Bears are interesting to draw because of their cold environment. Here are some really great polar bear drawing ideas for you.

A Pretty Tree Drawing Idea
Trees are fun, and almost kind of easy to draw. Draw a squiggly line and branch it off into two squiggly lines, and you have a tree. Its organic nature can take any shape just about. Why not try some of these ideas.
A Pretty Watercolor Unicorn Sketchbook Idea
What precious magic, this white horse with a horn. To see one is a powerful gift. To behold something so rare that it couldn’t possibly exist is to believe in miracles. Here are a few miracles for you to draw.
Adorable Car Sketch Idea

Cars are fun to ride, to drive, and to draw! Draw a box with wheels and you have a car. You can make it simple or fancy, or whatever you can imagine. Here’s some help to get you started.

An Expressive Horse Watercolor Painting Idea

Horses are grand and majestic, such beautiful creatures. But they do take some practice to learn to draw correctly. Draw these gorgeous beasts with the help of these images.

A Pretty Pear To Draw
Fruit is the typical start to most drawing practice. Grab a piece of fruit, or a bowl of fruit, throw it on a table, and do a study. OR, if you had some creative drawing ideas already done for you, you could study those too… here are a few to try.
Beautiful Loaf Of Bread To Draw
Food is always a great drawing subject. We see it every day so it’s familiar to us, and it’s so interesting to take a closer, longer look to understand what shapes and textures make up the food we eat every single day.
Cutest Kawaii Character To Draw
Here are some of the cutest ideas you’ve ever seen to draw. Puppies, kittens, and all sorts of kawaii ideas to get you started, all in an adorable simplistic style that makes it easy.
A Beautiful Circle Color Drawing Idea

Circles are some of the easiest things to draw… but lets get creative with it. Add color, dynamic patterns, maybe get fantastical with bold and wild concepts and you have some great circle art. Lets get you started.